English Language Coaching

Are your tired of learning & improving your English the old-fashioned way?

Language Coaching opens new doors.

  • Identifying a language-learning plan to suit your exact goals

  • Forming a powerful objective for English learning

  • Removing past blockages

  • Identifying your exact learning style

  • Obtaining the perfect mindset for presentations, exams & interviews 

  • Creating the perfect mindset for everyday English

Programmes :

° Resilience Taster :

A 60-minute session : to start working on any issue of your choice

°  Resilience For Mindset : 

3 x 60 or 90 minute sessions :

to remove an issue & build confidence/self-esteem 


° Resilience For Your Objective :

3 x 60 or 90 minute sessions :

to shed absolute clarity on a goal or objective