? What is NLP Coaching 


° Neuro Linguistic Programming is a powerful form of coaching which helps people understand the 

mind patterns that trigger 

their behaviour or belief systems. 


° Every individual leaves with unique and personalized tools to use in everyday life.


° It is very fast-acting. In just one session an individual can be shown how to navigate their personal map of reality to achieve excellence, balance and well-being in any area of their life.

° This coaching powerfully diminishes fears, 

stress and limiting beliefs

and boosts confidence and self esteem.

° It is very effective in helping an individual formulate a clear and strategic objective - and provides the emotional stamina to reach any goal.

Summary of Where It Can Help :

° Self-esteem

° Stress management

° Identifying & dissolving any blockage

° Focus 

° Confidence

° New goals and objectives

° Adapting to a new country

° Presentations

° Exams & Interviews

° Fears and phobias

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